Silver Coast Dog Walking/Training Club

Walking your dog is very important for their health, physically and mentally. Every dog should have daily access to suitable exercise, a stimulating interaction with their owners, plenty of fun and the opportunity to be a dog.

Our new Walking/Training Club is for those who:

  • Enjoy taking their dogs to a variety of places
  • Want to be the best thing in the world in their dogs eyes when out and about
  • Want to encourage their dogs to be the perfect social dog when out and about
  • Want to meet other dog owners
  • Want to allow their dogs access to socialise appropriately with other dogs in a controlled environment
  • Want to learn how to have more control of their dog when other dogs or people are present

Starting in May 2012 walks will be organised for Monday mornings on a weekly basis. These walks will include training exercises, play exercise between owners and their dogs and structured off lead greetings amongst people and dogs and their dogs to other dogs.

Cost: Registration (one off fee) 10 Euros

Per training walk 5 Euros

Details for each walk will be posted here.

Please contact me to join our Club and enjoy the great benefits from taking in organised, fun packed, stress free walks along the beautiful Silver Coast.


About Silver Coast Dog Walking

A private dog walking/training Club for dog owners in and around the Caldas da Rainha area.
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