Monday 25th June 2012 Training Walk

This weeks walk is in the headlands/woods at the top of Foz do Alrelho. We will also be going for a drink in one of the cafe’s along the beach front afterwards.

The meeting point is at the Green Hill Disco, just off the big roundabout before driving down to the beach at Foz.

When driving from Sao Martinho do Porto area come along the Estrada Atlantica through Salir do Porto towards Foz do Alrelho. Follow the road until you come to your first roundabout shown in the photo below, go all the way round the roundabout as if you are coming back on yourself up the Estrada Atlantica, then turn right as soon as you are back on the Estrada Atlantica onto the gravel area in front of the Green Hill Disco.

The map below shows where the Green Hill Disco is. The red line is the Estrada Atlantica from Sao Martinho do Porto and Salir do Porto and shows the entrance to the Green Hill Disco. The yellow line is where we will be walking with our dogs.


About Silver Coast Dog Walking

A private dog walking/training Club for dog owners in and around the Caldas da Rainha area.
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