Christmas Party 2012

Monday 17th December 2012 at Salgado Beach.

It’s Christmas time once again and we would like to invite you to a special Christmas party just for you and your friends from dog training.

There will be lots of training games with prizes to be won.

A prize is also up for grabs for the best Christmas dressed dog………………..

Can you do aswell as our previous Christmas party dogs?


Cost: 5 Euros

Due to playing lots of training games and the level of excitement being increased we have chosen Salgado Beach to give the dogs the space they need to feel comfortable.

There are a couple of rules we would like everyone attending to follow please:

  • Please keep your dog on lead at all times unless asked otherwise.
  • Please give other dogs and owners space and do not let your dog try to say hello to the    other dogs unless you have asked before hand if this is ok.
  • There will be dogs who prefer to have their own space at the party and do not necessarily want to be saying hello etc. These dogs will be wearing a red bandana, therefore please do make sure that they are given plenty of space to be relaxed and enjoy the party too.

About Silver Coast Dog Walking

A private dog walking/training Club for dog owners in and around the Caldas da Rainha area.
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