Thank You To Everyone Who Helped Raise Money For Our Sponsored Walk


I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped raise money for our two charities ‘Their Voice’ and ‘Grupo Lobo’.

Despite it being a cold morning and a few people being hit with the flu/cold bug going around we had a great walk and the sun did warm us up as we were walking. We also managed to sit outside and have drinks and something to eat afterwards.

We managed to raise €120 for both our charities.

Here are some photos of our walk near Óbidos Lagoon.

walk walk1 walk3 walk4 walk5 walk6 walk7 walk8 walk9 walk10 walk11 walk12 walk13 walk14 walk15 walk16 walk17 walk18 walk19



About Silver Coast Dog Walking

A private dog walking/training Club for dog owners in and around the Caldas da Rainha area.
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5 Responses to Thank You To Everyone Who Helped Raise Money For Our Sponsored Walk

  1. Thank you all so much for all your hard work to raise such needed funds for Their Voice. We are hoping to have some fun days here on the farm in the summer for both adults and kids. We welcome visits all through the year so if anyone would like to come and see the horses your hard work has helped drop us an email or give us a call 🙂

  2. neeran says:

    I have just arrived to obidos where I will be spending the summer with my family and my dog,i have not found a place where I can walk my dog off lead,i miss it and I am sure so is my dog an you advise please

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