Hunting Season in Portugal is upon us again.

Hunting season in Portugal has started today 17th August 2014 and runs through to the end of February 2015.

Even though we have some gorgeous places to walk in the countryside along the Silver Coast, on Thursday’s, Sunday’s and Bank Holiday’s you are now sharing your dog walks with hunters.

There are areas where hunting is not allowed (see below for signs to look out for) and on these days it would be advisable to use those areas or in a few weeks time you will be able to walk your dog on the beaches again.

Reasons to avoid hunting areas when walking your dog:

Hunters may mistake your dog for game, the last thing you want is your dog being shot. I do know of someone who unfortunately lost their dog after being shot by a hunter.

Stray bullets can travel further than you think, why put yourself or your dog in the position where you may become injured from a stray bullet.

Your dog may be attracted to any shot game that has not already been picked up.

You do not want yourself or your dog to become an interference with the hunting.

Would you be able to keep total control of your dog if you suddenly had several hunters and their dogs coming towards you?

What to do if you find yourself in a hunting area:

Make a noise, make your presence known.

Put your dog on their lead to keep them under control and safe.

Wear bright colours when walking or carry a high visibility vest for yourself and a high visibility coat for your dog and put them on when necessary.

Stay on the main tracks do not venture off into the trees etc.

Walk quickly but calmly out of the area.

How do you know if the area allows hunting or not?

There are many different types of signs for hunting.

The three main ones we see around this area are as follows:

Municipal hunting designated area.

Hunting allowed only with land owners consent.

Hunting is prohibited.

For more information on the different types of hunting signs




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